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In early May 2014 my wife and I obtained a 2 month old Portuguese Water Dog puppy from Agie’s litter. We live in Alaska, and traveled to Portland to pick up the pup. We had previously described our preference in sex, coat, and temperament in a puppy, and relied on Tami to choose a dog for us. Her selection was perfect. When we picked up the pup all health and registration documents were prepared, and a travel kennel was ready for us.
We have subsequently call or emailed Tami on several occasions to ask questions. In each case she was timely and helpful in her response. It has been very useful to have access to Tami to answer questions and offer suggestions.
Our puppy was the third pup from D’Agua kennels to be acquired by our family: two of our adult children also obtained puppies from earlier litters. In each case Tami did a similarly good job of selecting pups and providing help and advice. I would recommend anyone seeking a Portuguese Water Dog to consider obtaining one from D’Agua kennels.

John Coady


Cinder- Oh my, we have the cutest & best puppy ever! She has met the cats & she is fine with them - they aren't to sure about her but they are very curious & can't stay away from her. I think they are going to be good friends. She slept quietly in her crate last night, whined a couple of times to go out, did her business immediately & was ready to go right back to bed! She is amazing! Thank you for raising such great puppies - we are thrilled with her!



Chula- We bought our first PWD from D'Agua Kennel - Tami Rook late in 2002. Our Chula is now almost 13 in early 2015. Wonderful longevity and we are so happy with it. We since purchased 2 females for our breeding program and have had awesome offspring from them both. We also have used her stud dog Dozer 4 times and again had awesome offspring temperaments. Currently we are breeding his daughter for the 2nd time as she produced awesome temperaments as well for us in her first litter.

We have been so lucky to have made our first PWD purchase from a reliable and knowledgeable breeder. Her dog knowledge and experience is superb and we have benefitted greatly with her help. Thankfully we have had her support and assistance for many years now which has been a huge asset for us.
Sue Hopkins
45983 Ivy Avenue
Chilliwack, BC V2R 2C5
Phone: 604-824-9948
Fax: 604-824-8948


Ava (Zeba) has been a great dog for us, she was our first PWD.... we had Labadors in the past when my daughter became allergic to our dogs we went in serch of a breed that she could live with, and my wife did not want to do the puppy thing right now. Tami of D'Agua worked with us and placed 1 of her personal dogs with us at the age of 14 months. Ava has moved into our home, our family and our hearts.




Bo- Our Daughter was allergic to dogs, we thought we would never be able to have a dog... then we met Tami of D'Agua PWD.... she took the time with us to make sure the kids could enjoy a dog with out allergic reactions, she would not commit to selling us a puppy until she was sure it was a great fit. Bo is wounderful he makes us laugh every day with his antics and personality.... He is our kids best friend and my buddy.


Gracie- That fuzzy black ball curled up next to mandy is gracie mandy was having a hard seizure i was outside my daughter was in here trying to help her i picked up gracie put her by mandys neck and it stop instantly her sister was amazed we love gracie she is amazing thought I wanted to share



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