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My name is Tami Rook ...D’Agua Portuguese Water Dogs is located in the historical Oak Grove, just south of Portland Oregon. D'Agua Portuguese Water Dogs was founded by Tami Rook over 20 years ago. D'Agua Portuguese Water Dogs is a true labor of love. We are dedicated to the health, structure, temperament and welfare to assure the improvement and protection of Portuguese Water dogs for excellent quality and existence of this great breed of dogs. With the support of family, friends, breeders, judges and awesome pet owners.


Here is a testament to our Temperament.... all but 1 of these dogs are D'Agua Portuguese water dogs having a great time with 3 treat balls.

This is a family love affair here at D'Agua

D'Agua Code of Ethics

  • I maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary facility for all pets.
  • I comply with all federal, state or provincial, and local government laws and AKC regulations.
  • I breed only for the purpose of improving the quality of the breed.
  • I follow all AAHA standards and protocols for properly vaccinating and deworming all litters.
  • I properly socialize my puppies on a daily basis with my family and other pets.
  • I am knowledgeable about inherited health problems in my breed and will do appropriate health clearances on all breeding animals.
  • I conscientiously plan each litter of pets for sale by carefully selecting a sire and dam to be mated based on their pedigrees, conformation, and temperament.
  • I do not breed any sire or dam until they are both physically and mentally mature enough to breed.
  • I will not continue to breed any sire or dam beyond the appropriate age for the breed.
  • I will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise, or mislead any person regarding the performance of any of my dogs for sale.
  • I refrain from releasing any puppy until it is at least eight (8) weeks old, regardless of possible lesser requirements in my state or province. In addition, I will not release any puppy weighing less than five (5) pounds until it is at least ten (10) weeks old.
  • I keep accurate records and retain those records for a minimum of ten (10) years. These records will include: stud services, pedigrees, all litters of dogs for sale, and all dogs sold.
  • I will provide all new dog owners with appropriate health certificates and vaccination records within 24 hours of puppy delivery and all registration paperwork.

D'Agua Portuguese Water Dog Long term Goals:

Our long term goal at D'Agua Portuguese Water Dogs is to promote the breed, educate, provide information, and assist anybody that needs help with this great breed. D'Agua Portuguese Water Dogs longest term goal is to breed Portuguese Water Dogs that are free of health disorders and have exceptional temperament. My personal life time goal is to assure that Portuguese Water Dogs do not ever come close to extinction again.

Careful Breeding of Portuguese Water Dogs:

We are very selective when it comes to breeding. Our key considerations are Health, Type, Temperament, and Trainability prior to any of our dogs being bred. We only selectively breed our females on a limited basis, which allows us to have only one to two litters of puppies a year, timing is everything if the time is not right we will not produce a litter of puppies. We breed quality puppies that do it all, they always bring love and joy into anybodies life that they meet.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to having a positive influence on the future of the Portuguese Water Dogs

We treat people as we would wish to be treated

We are honest about the ability of our dogs.

We welcome your questions about the breed, as well as about us and our dogs.

We strongly believe that breeders should be responsible for the animals that they produce and to the families that purchase puppies.

If a person needs help with a puppy and/or adult dog, rather it is our breeding or not we welcome you to contact us.





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Tami Rook | 503-679-6915 | Milwaukie, Oregon | email: tami@dagua-pwd.com