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D'Agua Incredible Hulk "Bruce"

Bruce is a black wirly coated boy, an amazing Portuguese Water Dog. He has Type, Personality, Working mentality, Temperament to die for and Structure to beat the bank. He will do anything I ask him to do. His favorite thing now is to follow me every where .He is currently visiting Retirement homes, Weight pulling, Rally OB, He has his International Championship, Points for his UKC championship... Look for this amazing young man at the AKC shows soon.

Health checks to be posted soon.

D'Agua Eye of the Storm (Bull Dozer) is a brown wavy male. He is a compliant dog, easy to work with and a joy to have at your side. He does go all over town with us, service dog to my Grandson and a well rounded dog. Yes he can visit without marking truely an amazing male Portuguese Water Dog. Champion, CGC

Optigen-Clear, OFA-Good, GM1-Clear, JDCM-Clear, IC-Clear, Cerf- Clear.


D'Agua Rock Star (Garth) is a black wavy Irishmark. He is a great example of what a Portuguese Water Dog should be. He loves to be with you doing what ever you choose to do today.... He will cuddle on the couch all day reading a good book with us or hunt all day for mushrooms.... Champion IFC

Optigen-Clear, OFA-Good, GM1-Clear, JDCM-Clear, IC-Clear




D'Agua Beijo Esta (Agie) is a black wavy with white trim. Agie is all Portuguese Water Dog. Robust,smart, fun, when you think of Portuguese water dogs -this is the girl that comes to mind. Her size falls in the ideal area of the standard. Nice old style Portuguese Water Dog.

Optigen-Clear, OFA-Good, GM1-Clear, JDCM-Clear, IC-Clear


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